At SunDrill, we are committed to using leading edge technologies to obtain accurate formation information and ensure precise well placement with the new products being commercialized in 2019.

SunDrill Energy Services


MFPWR (Multiple Frequency Propagation Wave Resistivity) is a spatially compensated, dual frequency (400 kHz & 2 MHz), dual spacing device designed for wireline-equivalent

Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) services in all well types. MFPWR operates in all mud types including oil-based and salt-saturated and provides real-time resistivity to surface via mud pulse or EM transmission. High-resolution data is stored in downhole memory, which can be retrieved and processed at surface.All digital DDS designs means industry leading accuracy and resolution. Applications include geosteering, correlation, casing point selection, wireline replacement, logging while tripping. The MFPWR tool was commercialized in 2015 and is available in 3 ½”, 4 ¾”, 6 ½”, 8” sizes.


Neutron Density – Commercial in 2nd Quarter 2019

LNDC (Litho Neutron Density Caliper) Tool offers measurements of formation density, neutron porosity, borehole caliper, and formation imaging that help to determine water saturation, lithology, porosity, and wellbore stability and to ensure geosteering for maximum reservoir productivity. When used with other formation evaluation measurements, such as gamma ray and resistivity as a “triple combo” service, it will help to analyze the geological structure, evaluate water saturation and identify type of hydrocarbons, reserves in place, total recoverable hydrocarbons, and profitability. The tool is available in 4 3/4”collar.