SunDrill owns and operates its MWD systems designed by Tolteq and continuously improves the reliability of the equipment by our in-house engineering team.

Sundrill MWD

Our fleet of proven equipment for next generation measurement and logging: 

Real-Time Shock & Vibe

iDM (Intelligent Directional Module)

Rotational & Sliding Sequence While Drilling

Fastest Post-Run Analysis in the Industry

Gamma Ray Calibrated to API Standards

Raw Vector Surveys Quicker and More Accurately

6-Axis Raw Vector Surveys with Up to 6 Decimal Places of Resolution

Solenoid Base Technology = Longer Battery Life, More Reliability

Tool Tracker w/ Real-Time Drilling Mechanics and Real-Time Monitoring

“Neutrino” High Speed Telemetry Top Mount Pulsar

At SunDrill, we are committed to using leading edge technologies to obtain accurate wellbores and ensure precise well placement with the new products being commercialized in 2019.

Pressure During Drilling– Commercial in 2nd Quarter 2019
In Q2’ 2019 the first commercial use is expected for a new cost-effective Pressure During Drilling (PDD) service providing real time and memory bore and annulus measurements. The new tool ensures real-time downhole hydraulics monitoring; real-time ECD monitoring and management; annulus cuttings overload, lost circulation and washout detection; kick monitoring and control; mud motor performance and control; mud rheology control, optimized hole cleaning; formation fracture / loss limitation; air and underbalanced drilling well control and nitrogen / air mix control; MSE measurement optimization for formation evaluation. The service is available in 3-1/2”, 4-3/4”, 6-3/4”, 7-3/4”, 8-1/4”, 9-1/2” OD tool diameters.

High Speed Pulser – Commercial in 2nd Quarter 2019
A new High Speed Pusler is also to be commercialized in Q2’2019. High Speed Pulser is a part of Neutrino High Speed Telemetry and is also compatible with GE and Tolteq MWD systems. High Speed Pulser service transmits measurements and data at 0.5 – 4 bits per second and the pulse width of 0.2 – 1.5 seconds. The service is available 4-3/4”, 6-3/4 and 8” OD tool diameters.

Continuous Inclination and Azimuth – Commercial in 4th Quarter 2019
R-Nav (Rotary Navigation) Tool provides a real time inclination and azimuth while drilling and full directional surveys on connections.